Live moss wall art for your modern space.

Patent-pending science.
No sunlight or watering.
Yes, really.


Not Your Ordinary Moss Wall Art

Most moss wall companies use preserved moss, which is no longer living. Moss Pure is the first and only live moss air filter and therapeutic stress relief device. No watering, sunlight or maintenance is needed. All while being an aesthetically pleasing decor piece for your home and office.

Living moss wall art that improves air quality and provides therapeutic relief from stress and anxiety. Moss wall art in home.


Moss Wall Art

Moss terrarium and moss decor for your home. Living moss terrarium in a living room. Living moss wall decor that improves air quality and provides therapeutic relief from stress and anxiety. Moss decor home.


Moss Decor

indoor preserved moss wall luxury apartment building


Custom Moss Wall

How Moss Pure Started

Moss Pure was created during a startup competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where it won First Place Startup (MIT Lebanon Challenge, Track 1B: Health, Energy and Waste Management). During the MIT competition, we realized the moss wall market was in demand. But there was a gap. Live moss has incredible potential health benefits, including being a natural air purifier, but it’s fragile, so most moss companies use preserved moss, which is no longer living. So we set out to make live moss art alive and sustainable.

Moss Pure live moss terrarium, live moss decor and moss art
live moss wall art improves air quality and provides stress relief

Why Live Moss (vs Preserved)?

Preserved moss is not able to provide the benefits that live moss can provide since it is no longer alive. If you’ve seen a moss wall on the internet or out-and-about, it is most likely a preserved moss wall. Preserved moss is no longer living and treated with chemicals and dyes. Preserved moss is stiff and does not last indefinitely. It will quickly flake, fade in color, and need maintenance or replacement.

So how do WE do it?

With Moss Sauce, the proprietary and patent-pending biology and engineering behind Moss Pure. Our science has extended the lifespan of live moss to last years within our products. No other company was able to keep live moss alive and sustainable for more than a few days. And no other company was able to use moss as an effective air filter.

Our moss is alive, fluffy, and smells like an evergreen forest Plus there’s no watering, sunlight or maintenance is needed, and our live moss lasts for years within our design.

Preserved Moss vs Live Moss

Live moss wall preserved moss wall Moss Pure

How does our science work for you?

Living moss wall frame that improves air quality.


Plants that are natural air purifiers will take, for example, 20 years to purify 2% of your space. Moss Pure’s patent pending science works with live moss to enhance its air purifying capabilities.

Scientific results show that in just 2 minutes, our products improve your air quality, capturing carbon dioxide and toxic pollutants such as dust, allergens, volatile organic compounds, metals, certain bacteria, and viruses.

Living moss wall frame that brings nature to your space, providing zen and calmness.


The biophilic design method has shown that bringing nature indoors decreases stress and increases productivity. However, biophilic design focuses on just one of our senses: vision.

Our patent pending technology uses an innovative approach to go beyond biophilic design to further stimulate your other senses, such as vision, touch, and smell, therefore enhancing the effects of therapeutic relief and increasing productivity.

Living moss wall frame with no watering required.


No watering, sunlight, or maintenance is needed as our patent pending and proprietary design creates a living environment for the moss within our products, extending the lifespan of live moss from days to years.

Living moss wall frame that uses eco-friendly material such as 100% reclaimed wood.


All of our patent pending moss decor are made in the USA and use 95% or more sustainable material. The ZigZag frame and the Mountain Frame are made from 100% reclaimed wood.

We are an award-winning company that began at MIT

Moss Pure won first place startup at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Lebanon Challenge in 2020.

1st Place Startup

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Lebanon Challenge, June 2020

Moss Pure won top 10 startup at the United Nations Development Programme in 2020.

Top 10 Startup

United Nations Development Programme, August 2020

Custom Live Moss Walls for Your Space

Elevate your office and business with a custom live moss wall. Whether you’re looking for moss panels, custom sized moss frames, or a business logo wall, we’ll design to your style.

Moss Pure Moss live moss wall art gray frame improve air quality provide stress relief.
Moss Pure Mood Moss Wall Art Wayfair

It doesn’t need water and it’s like you have a bit of the forest on your wall. It changes our entire room and it filters out the air of harmful pollutants. I love our two mood moss wall frames.


I’m enjoying my moss frame immensely. I love that I do not have to water it and it makes such an amazing impact to my living room.

Mary S.

Mood Moss Wall Art Moss Pure Wayfair

My mood moss wall frame arrived looking exactly as pictured. Instructions say there is no need to water the moss, and it does not require any sunlight. I have it hanging in my office and my patients love to touch it on their way out. I’ve gotten many compliments.


Moss Pure is amazing to work with!  They customized FOUR incredible moss walls for the Sanctuary space in our luxury apartment complex and it is simply stunning.  They worked very closely with me to create the vision that had been in our mind for several years.  The quality is 5 star and the customer service is beyond 5 star!  I would recommend the team at Moss Pure over and over again.  In fact, I tell anyone that will listen about the fantastic experience I have had with the Moss Pure team!

Deana Susko

Property Manager,  Harborwalk at Plymouth Station

“My family and I absolutely love our Mood Moss White frame! As soon as it was in the house, the space felt so fresh as if we were outdoors. Our frame also increased the air quality in our home. I will definitely buy more for all over the house!”

Nanette W.

“Jamie is the Moss Guru! This is an award-winning product that will cause a monumental impact on people worldwide.”

Ralph K.

Mentor, MIT Startup Competition

“I’ve been looking for wall decor for a while now, and I absolutely love my Moss Pure Sheet Moss Grey frame. It brings a noticeable uplift to our family room and has been healthy this entire time without needing any watering. Moss Pure is more affordable and at a higher quality than similar items out there!”

Brian R.

“I love my Zigzag frame! I already have plants all over my apartment, but this frame brings a new element of design to the space while maintaining the green vibe and clean air.”

Dakhil N.