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The Science

Live Moss Air Filter and Stress Relief Device

Moss Pure was created during a startup challenge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where it won first place (MIT Lebanon Challenge). During the competition, it was realized that moss has several benefits. But, there weren’t many companies that were using live moss. Most moss companies use preserved moss, which is no longer living or dried moss, which is neither living or dead but in a dormant state. Neither preserved or dried moss are able to provide the benefits that live moss can provide since the mosses are no longer alive.

We talked to customers and they preferred live moss and its benefits over preserved and dried moss. We found that:

  1. No other company was able to use moss an an effective air filter.
  2. No other company was able to keep live moss alive in indoor moss wall environments for more than a few days. Our science extends the lifespan of live moss in our products from days to years.
  3. Existing living walls and moss walls used a great amount of water and electricity and were bulky and required time to assemble. There were no live moss products that were for the everyday consumer and business.

Moss Pure was created and focuses on 3 features:

Moss Pure uses living moss wall and moss frames to improve air quality of carbon dioxide and pollutants.

1) Act as a modern air filter and therapeutic stress relief device made of live moss that would effectively purify air in any indoor or outdoor space,

Act as a modern air filter and therapeutic relief device made of live moss that would effectively purify air in any indoor or outdoor space.

2) Sustain the live moss so that it is able to stay alive within our product design without needing water, sunlight, or electricity,

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3) Provide an aesthetically pleasing design that can be used as a live moss decor piece in your home and office.

1. Improves Your Air Quality

PROBLEM 1: Millions of people die each year from air pollution and criteria air pollutants such as particulate matter. These chemicals, both in indoor and outdoor environments cause diseases such as allergies, asthma, respiratory illnesses, and cancer (World Health Organization, United States Environmental Protection Agency). Source

SOLUTION 1: Moss Pure’s patent pending and proprietary design uses moss to improve the air in your space of carbon dioxide, particulate matter (dust, allergens), volatile organic compounds, metals, bacteria, and viruses.

Normally air purifying plants, such as moss, will take years to purify only a fraction of the air around the plant. For example, air purifying plants will take 20 years to purify only 2% of the air in your space. Certified analytical results show that Moss Pure’s science enhances the ability of live moss to become an effective air filter, improving the air quality in your space within minutes.

Moss Pure moss frame moss wall green wall improves air quality and carbon dioxide in your space by acting as a natural air filter.

Scientifically Certified Air Filter:

Moss Pure was tested for air purification by a U.S. certified laboratory. The results found that in 2 minutes, Moss Pure purified the air of 30% of carbon dioxide and pollutant particles such as dust, allergens, metals, and bacteria and viruses. Moss Pure is the first and only plant-based product to be certified by a U.S. laboratory.

No Watering, Sunlight, or Maintenance Needed

Moss Pure uses a patent pending and proprietary science to formulate a multi-layer of eco-friendly materials that works in synergy with live moss. This formulation is called The Moss Sauce. Because of our science, the live moss in our products do not need watering, sunlight, or maintenance and are able to effectively improve air quality.

  1. The Moss Sauce provides a living environment for our live moss. Our live moss is able to sustain and stay alive in both indoor and outdoor environments within our product design. T
  2. The Moss Sauce enhances the air filtering ability of our live moss. Our design allows live moss to use toxic chemicals in the air as its food and nutrient source. By doing this, our live moss is effectively able to purify your surrounding air.

Our Live Moss is Long-Lasting

Moss Pure’s science has extended the lifespan of live moss so that our moss will survive within our products. If you were to take live moss and put it on a frame or in a bowl, it wouldn’t stay alive for more than a few days. Preserved moss will need replacement and maintenance within 1 or 2 years. In comparison, our live moss is outliving both preserved and existing live moss products out there right now.

2. Provides You With Therapeutic Relief

80% of Americans have reported feeling stressed or anxious during the pandemic (American Psychological Association). Stress is a major issue in the United States, impacting mental and physical health, relationships, and decreasing productivity (Source).

In 1984, Harvard renown Edward O. Wilson researched biophilic design. He found that stress and anxiety in people were reduced when visions of nature were brought into their space. Since then, several psychologists have conducted research and have found similar results.

However, biophilic design includes the visual sight of nature. Moss Pure provides you with therapeutic relief from stress by going above and beyond biophilic design. Moss Pure’s patent pending technology engages not only sight, but other senses such as touch and smell to increase the effects of biophilic design and reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

How Moss Pure Brings Nature to You.


  • Most moss companies use preserved moss that is no longer living. The moss is not lifelike and often stiff. Preserved moss has added chemicals and different colored dyes that look fake and not real. Moss Pure uses actual live, real moss in your direct space
  • We use proprietary 3D design elements and naturally occurring materials such as reclaimed wood, which makes it feel like you’re in an indoor, modern forest
  • Our products are lightweight and mobile to move with you throughout your space, providing a zen environment wherever you are


  • Most moss wall companies use screens or a barrier from the moss. It was critical for Moss Pure’s design to be open to allow your direct interaction with the live moss in our products, therefore providing therapeutic relief


  • Preserved moss, which is treated with chemicals, will smell like chemicals for a certain timeframe. Moss Pure’s live moss smells like fresh nature, a park, and fresh cut grass. The refreshing smell creates a zen and calming environment in your space
Moss Pure live moss living wall moss frame Dog and Mood Moss Wall Tray
Moss Pure live moss wall art moss frame living wall

3. An Aesthetically Pleasing Design To Compliment You

Our design process is made of up of two parts, combining both science and art. First, engineering is used to create the live moss air filter. Next, interior and fashion design elements are used to create a carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing decor piece. Each moss decor is hand assembled for you and your space.