Live Moss Frequently Asked Questions

Moss Pure Live Moss Wall Art in Black

Our Live Moss is Long-Lasting

If you were to take live moss and put it on a frame or in a bowl, it wouldn’t stay alive for more than a few days. Moss Pure’s science has extended the lifespan of live moss so that it is able to sustain and live within our product design indefinitely.

Moss Pure’s Live Moss Versus Preserved Moss:

Even though other moss companies mention that preserved moss will last indefinitely, that is not true. Because preserved moss is treated with chemicals, it becomes brittle and stiff. Preserved moss will flake off, fade, and in some cases the coloring in the preserved moss will react with light and air vents to create bright fluorescent spots in the moss. Preserved moss will need replacement and maintenance within 1 or 2 years. In comparison, our live moss is outliving both preserved and existing live moss products out there right now.

Live moss has several benefits. Moss doesn’t contain water containing tissue or roots so it retains its nutrients from the air, making it a natural air filter. Before Moss Pure, no other company was able to keep live moss alive and sustainable for more than a few days. And no other company was able to use moss as an effective air filter. Moss Pure’s proprietary science enhances the benefits of live moss in your space. 

Most moss companies use preserved moss, which is no longer living, or dried moss, which is neither living or dead but in a dormant state. Neither preserved or dried moss are able to provide the benefits that live moss can provide since the mosses are no longer alive. Preserved moss is treated with chemicals and dyes. The moss becomes stiff, brittle, and the dyes can bleed off onto your hands and clothing. The different colors makes the moss appear fake. Most preserved moss is made of reindeer moss, which is actually a fungi and not a type of moss. Preserved moss does not last indefinitely and within a small timeframe will flake, fade in color, and need maintenance or replacement. 

Moss Pure uses live moss. Moss Pure’s moss is live, fluffy, and smells like an evergreen forest. It improves your air quality and provides therapeutic relief by bringing nature directly to you. 

Moss Pure preserved moss and live moss comparison.

It’s important to note that we are not just adding live moss to a frame or decor piece. We create a proprietary layer of materials that create a living environment for our live moss and keep it alive indefinitely. Because of our patent pending science, the live moss in our products do not need watering, sunlight, or maintenance. 

  1. We provides a proprietary living environment for our live moss. Our live moss is able to sustain and stay alive in both indoor and outdoor environments within our product design.
  2. Our science enhances the air filtering ability of our live moss, allowing the moss to take in toxic pollutants from the air as its food and nutrient source.

No, we use a slow growing moss species so no trimming or maintenance is needed on your end.

Moss Pure is designed so that you don’t have to take care of our products. Our live moss art are maintenance-free with no watering or sunlight needed. Hanging hardware is attached so all you have to do is put our products in your space and enjoy. If you want more information, check out our Product Care page.

Absolutely! Contact us and we will be happy to work with you on a custom design. Whether it’s a specific design, size, color, or sign with a company logo, we’ve got you covered!