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Custom Live Moss Walls

Bring nature to your business and office space with a custom moss wall. From custom patterns to your business logos and signs, we got you covered! We’ll design your live moss wall to your style and will work diligently to ensure that your needs are met.

Moss Pure is amazing to work with. They customized four incredible moss walls for the Sanctuary space in our luxury apartment complex and it is simply stunning.  They worked very closely with me to create the vision that had been in our mind for several years.  The quality is 5 star and the customer service is beyond 5 star. I would recommend the team at Moss Pure over and over again.  In fact, I tell anyone that will listen about the fantastic experience I have had with the Moss Pure team!

Moss Pure Moss wall art gray frame improve air quality provide stress relief.

Deana Susko

Property Manager,  Harborwalk at Plymouth Station

What are the benefits of a Moss Pure Live Moss Wall?

Moss Pure custom moss wall indoors green wall in office lobby interior design boho

Improves Air Quality

Our proprietary engineering works in synergy with live moss to purify the air around you. Certified analytical results show that Moss Pure captures harmful pollutants in minutes, including carbon dioxide, chemicals such as PM2.5 and PM10, dust, allergens, metals, VOCs, and certain bacteria and viruses.

Zen Your Space for Therapeutic Relief

Moss Pure walls Bring Nature to You. The biophilic design method has been shown by several studies to decrease stress and increase productivity. Moss Pure’s design uses innovative biological engineering to further increase the impact of biophilic design, stimulating vision, smell, touch, and other senses to provide therapeutic relief.

Indoor Moss Wall Moss Pure Moss Frame
Living moss custom wall in a bathroom.

No watering or sunlight needed

Moss Pure walls require zero maintenance. We use eco-friendly materials to sustain the live moss within our product design. Therefore no watering, sunlight, or electricity are needed. Our technology increases the lifespan of live moss from days to years in our product design.

Moss Pure custom moss wall moss indoor greenmail in office lobby.
Moss Pure custom living moss wall in an office lobby.
Moss Pure custom preserved moss wall indoor
indoor preserved moss wall luxury apartment building
Moss Pure Custom Moss Wall In Office Lobby.

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