Stunning living moss walls for your business and modern home

Most moss art is made of preserved moss, which is no longer living and does not last without needing replacement. Moss Pure is the world’s only company to use 100% live moss as a patent pending air filter and stress relief device.

No Watering Needed & Lasts Indefinitely in our patent pending design.

Moss Pure Moss wall art gray frame improve air quality provide stress relief.


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Transform your space with stunning live moss wall art

With 20 years’ experience in biology and engineering, we create exclusive, one-of-a-kind living moss art using innovative science and aesthetics. Our products make great conversational pieces for your space, from commercial to residential.

  • Interior designers and architects
  • Doctors and dentist offices
  • Office Building Lobbies
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Outdoor and indoor areas
  • Luxury spas
  • High-end homes
Moss Pure Moss Air Filter. Living moss wall art that improves air quality and provides therapeutic relief from stress and anxiety. Moss wall art in home.

Moss Wall Art: Live Moss vs Preserved Moss

If you’ve seen moss walls and decor out and about, it’s most likely preserved moss. Most moss wall and decor companies use preserved moss or dried moss, which are no longer living, do not last, and are made of toxic materials. If you purchase a preserved moss wall, expect to throw it out in months. Preserved moss is processed with so many toxic chemicals that it has several disadvantages, which are listed below.

Moss Pure was at a startup competition at MIT where it won First Place Startup. We realized the downsides of preserved and dried moss and created a brand new, innovative product using our own live moss and biological engineering. Moss Pure is built to last and is the only company in the world to use living moss in the way that we do. There is no aesthetic that compares to our living moss and our products are guaranteed to last.

Moss Pure® Living Moss

Moss Pure live moss frame living wall

Preserved & Dried “Moss”

Moss Pure preserved moss wall art moss wall living wall

Award-Winning Science That Benefits You

Living moss wall frame that improves air quality.

Scientifically Certified Air Filter

Do you suffer from allergies? Or asthma? Certified air quality testing shows that our patent pending air filter captures 300,000 ppm of carbon dioxide and millions of toxic pollutants such as dust, allergens, volatile organic compounds, metals, certain bacteria, and viruses. Moss Pure is the only plant-based company to have air quality results from a certified US laboratory. Other moss companies make false claims that their products are air filters but don’t have air quality testing.

Living moss wall frame with no watering required.

No Watering Needed

Lasts Indefinitely

We are not just adding live moss to a frame or decor piece. No watering, sunlight, or maintenance is needed because our patent pending and proprietary science provides nutrients for our live moss and keeps it alive within our product design indefinitely.

Living moss wall frame that brings nature to your space, providing zen and calmness.

Provides You With Therapeutic Relief

Moss Pure is a patent pending stress relief device. The MossPure Method was created to go above and beyond biophilic design to stimulate not just your vision, but your other senses as well. Our patent pending technology uses a combination of science and interior and fashion design techniques to stimulate your vision, touch, and smell, therefore enhancing the effects of therapeutic relief, reducing your stress and increasing productivity.

Living moss wall frame that uses eco-friendly material such as 100% reclaimed wood.

Eco-Friendly & Made in the USA

All of our patent pending moss air filters use 95% or more sustainable material. The Zigzag Moss Frame and Mountain Moss Frame are made of 100% reclaimed wood. Our live moss comes from different regions of the United States to increase American biodiversity. Each product is made of the most premium, US-made materials.

indoor live mood moss wall frame. Custom moss frame for a business.

Design Your Own Moss Wall Art

Build your own custom live moss air filter from scratch. Choose from different moss frame sizes, moss types, and frame colors.

Live Moss Wall Art That Don’t Need Watering.

Lasts Indefinitely.

Our timeless moss wall art are built to last. If you were to take live moss and simply attach it to a wall frame, the moss wouldn’t survive for more than a few days and it wouldn’t be an air filter. We are not just adding moss to a frame. We’ve created a patent pending multi-layer of eco-friendly materials that provides needed nutrients for our live moss, and keeps it alive within our product design indefinitely. Because of our patent pending science, the live moss in our products do not need watering, sunlight, or maintenance.

Moss Pure moss wall art moss walls live moss

Elevate Your Space with Custom Living Moss Wall Art

Our exclusive custom moss art will make your home and business stand out above the rest. Whether you’re looking for live moss panels, custom sized moss wall art, or a business logo wall, we’ll exclusively custom design to your style. We work with doctor’s offices, luxury homes, restaurants, hotels, spas, office spaces, and more!

Moss Pure moss wall art moss walls live moss
Moss Pure won first place startup at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Lebanon Challenge in 2020.

1st Place Startup

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Lebanon Challenge, June 2020

Moss Pure won top 10 startup at the United Nations Development Programme in 2020.

Top 10 Startup

United Nations Development Programme, August 2020

Moss Pure award winning moss wall living wall art
Moss Pure award winning design Moss Wall Art
Moss Pure Moss Air Filter. Living moss wall art that improves air quality and provides therapeutic relief from stress and anxiety. Moss wall art in home.

Still have questions about our live moss wall art and tabletop decor? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

Guaranteed Quality and Timeless Live Moss Walls



I bought a Moss Pure live frame for myself and liked it so much I bought three more as gifts for family members. We’ve had them for almost a year and they all still look great! I would definitely recommend this product.

~ Karen C. via Google Reviews

Just love this amazing product!


I ordered the 11″x14″ framed moss. At first I hung it on a wall but now I move it from room to room and display it on tables. It is a conversation starter and a mood elevator as well as an air purifier. Will be ordering more for gifts! It was also well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

~ Janet B. via Trustpilot

Transformed my office!


This moss wall hanging arrived looking exactly as pictured. There is no need to water the moss, and it does not require any sunlight. I have it hanging in my office and my patients love to touch it on their way out. I’ve gotten many compliments.

~ Margaret W. via Wayfair