Indoor and Outdoor Living Moss Walls and Frames for Your Homes and Businesses

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moss wall
moss wall
moss wall, moss frame
live moss wall, live moss frame

A modern accent to your everyday space, our patent pending products improve air quality and use biophilic design to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Improve the air quality in your space

Reduce your stress and anxiety levels

Save the earth and become a good environmental citizen

For Your Style: Custom design your own frame.

Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and moss types.

We are an Award-Winning Company That Began at MIT

1st Place Startup

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Lebanon Challenge, June 2020

Top 10 Startup

United Nations Development Programme,
August 2020

“My family and I absolutely love our Mood Moss White frame! As soon as it was in the house, the space felt so fresh as if we were outdoors. Our frame also increased the air quality in our home. I will definitely buy more for all over the house!”

Nanette W.

“Jamie is the Moss Guru! This is an award-winning product with a modern design and the ability to help people”

Ralph K.

Mentor, MIT Challenge

“I’ve been looking for wall decor for a while now, and I absolutely love my Moss Pure Sheet Moss Grey frame. It brings a noticeable uplift to our family room and has been healthy for 6 months. Moss Pure is more affordable and at a higher quality than similar items out there!”

Brian R.

“I love my Zigzag frame! I already have plants all over my apartment, but this frame brings a new element of design to the space while maintaining the green vibe and clean air.”

Dakhil N.