Live Mood Moss Wall Art in Brown, 11″x14″


Most moss wall and decor companies use preserved moss, which is no longer living. Moss Pure is the world’s only company to use live moss as an air filter and stress relief device. No watering, sunlight, or maintenance is needed in our patent pending design. Please click Description below for more detailed information.

Our 11″ x 14″ live moss frames come with hanging hardware attached and allow for hanging both in the horizontal and vertical directions.

Dimensions: 11″x14″x2″

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Moss Pure preserved moss wall art moss wall living wall


Moss Pure moss wall art moss air filter Air filter: Moss Pure is a scientifically certified air filter. Our patent pending live moss air filter captures has been tested by a certified US laboratory and captures carbon dioxide, dust, allergens, pet dander, toxic gases, wildfire smoke, metals, bacteria, and viruses.


Moss Pure no watering needed. Moss lasts indefinitely. Our moss walls require no watering, sunlight, or maintenance. Our timeless moss wall art and decor are built to last indefinitely. We’ve created a patent pending multi-layer of eco-friendly materials that provides needed nutrients for our live moss, and keeps it alive within our product design indefinitely.


Moss Pure is a patent pending therapeutic stress relief device, bringing nature to your space. Stress and anxiety relief. Moss Pure is a patent pending therapeutic stress relief device, bringing nature to your space.


Moss Pure creates moss wall art made in the USA. Our moss wall art and decor are Made in the USA. Our live moss is environmentally sustained from all over the United States, celebrating American biodiversity.


Moss Pure is an eco-friendly sustainable product, made of recycled and reclaimed materials. Our moss wall art are made of 95% or more eco-friendly materials.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 2 in
Frame Color


Frame Size


Moss Type

Mood Moss

7 reviews for Live Mood Moss Wall Art in Brown, 11″x14″

  1. Marcel Comtois (verified owner)

    I love this product. We bought 4 to make a living wall in our office as a unique zoom background. The product shipped quickly and arrived in great shape despite being a living plant. The MossPure team was very responsive with our questions and even repaired a frame that we broke. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Hala W. (verified owner)

  3. Stephanie W.

    Arrived in great shape, and I had been a little concerned since shipping was delayed. Turns out it doesn’t need to be watered or misted, per the instructions, so one less thing to worry about. I was a little anxious turning it vertical, but everything stayed in tight. Very green, box came full of moss.

  4. Mary Stevens (verified owner)

    I’m enjoying my moss frame immensely. I love that I do not have to water it and it makes such an amazing impact to my living room.

  5. Anthony

    It doesn’t need water and it’s like you have a bit of the forest on your wall. It changes our entire room and it filters out the air of harmful pollutants. I love our two mood moss wall frames.

  6. Margaret W.

    This moss wall hanging arrived looking exactly as pictured. Instructions say there is no need to water the moss, and it does not require any sunlight. I have it hanging in my office and my patients love to touch it on their way out. I’ve gotten many compliments.

  7. Marcy (verified owner)

    It’s beautiful and it really freshens the space!

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