Moss Pure Moss wall art gray frame improve air quality provide stress relief.

Moss Walls



Moss Walls Bring Nature to Your Space

Bring nature to your space with 100% live moss walls and moss art. While most moss walls and moss art companies use preserved moss, which is no longer living, our live moss walls and moss art pieces are the perfect way to bring your space to life. Moss Pure is the first and only company to use 100% live moss. Our products are patent pending air filters, stress relief devices, and aesthetically pleasing decor pieces. Our science creates a living environment for our live moss within our products so that no watering, sunlight, or maintenance is needed. There is no custom moss project too small or too complicated for us to handle. Each moss project is fully customizable to suit your needs and style. Whether this is a logo, custom sign, or massive wall art, we’ve got your needs covered!

Our walls of moss are perfect in homes, hotels, yoga studios, doctors offices, restaurants, office buildings, and any modern space!

Moss Pure Moss walls at a glance:

  • Moss Pure is the only company to use 100% live moss
  • Our moss walls do not require watering, sunlight or maintenance
  • Moss Pure is a scientifically engineered and certified air filter
  • Our moss walls are tested and certified to capture 30% of CO2 in your space in only 2 minutes
  • Timeless and built to last, our products live indefinitely within our patent pending design
  • Stress relief device – patent pending science and engineered for your space!
  • Aesthetically pleasing decor piece for your home or office. Your guests, customers, and patients will love your LIVE moss wall!

Moss Walls – Build Your Own

Build your own moss walls for your home or office with our custom builder. Choose from difference sizes, frame colors, and moss designs and types. Check it out here! Custom Moss Air Filter – Larger Moss Wall Art

Moss Wall Art

Custom Moss Walls

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Contact us today to build your stunning LIVE moss wall!