Frequently Asked Questions

Three moss wall art with a yellow couch

What is the difference between moss and other plants and why live moss?

Moss doesn’t contain roots or water containing tissues found in other plants and trees. Because of this, it has to obtain its nutrients from the air surrounding it – meanwhile filtering the air of particulate matter (both 2.5 and 10 micrometers), CO2, and certain metals, bacteria, and viruses. Moss has more surface area in its leaves than plants and trees, therefore increasing its capacity to improve air quality. Living moss frames and walls need less maintenance than plant living walls as moss is more resilient and sustainable.

How do we take care of our Moss Pure product? 

Check out our Product Care page.

I don’t see a color or size that I am looking for in the Shop. Do you do custom designs?

Absolutely! Contact us and we will be happy to work with you on a custom design. Whether it’s a specific design, size, color, or sign with a company logo, we’ve got you covered!