Product Care Instructions and Tips

No Watering or Maintenance Needed

Moss Pure’s patent pending design contains a multi-layer of eco-friendly materials that sustain the live moss within our product design. Therefore,

  • No watering is needed
  • No sunlight is needed
  • No maintenance is needed

Lightweight Design With No Assembly Required

Our live moss wall frames are versatile, mobile, and lightweight to allow for you to use and move each product as you like throughout your space.

All of our moss frames come with hanging hardware attached so there is no assembly required. Our 11″x14″ moss frames include hanging hardware attached in both the vertical and horizontal directions to provide you with styling options.

Unique, Custom, and Made in the USA

Each moss decor product is unique and assembled in Rhode Island.

Our moss is sustainably supplied from all over the United States, promoting American biodiversity.

We hope you enjoy your Moss Pure decor as much as we enjoy making them!